Housebreaking Part 2

Mixed Potty Training

If you like to take your dog out when you have the time to spend with it, then you can teach it both. However, it can be confusing for your dog, and they might not get it immediately, which can lead to potty problems. Nevertheless, if you do it with proper planning and care, you will be able to teach this to your dog successfully.

Housebreaking Methods

Housebreaking can be difficult or easy depending on the method you choose. The most modern, common, humane, and successful approaches are the following… For now, here are the basics of each technique and what to expect when you are housebreaking a puppy.

Crate Training

Using a crate is the vital element of this method. This method is efficient, fast, and allows you to work with your pup’s natural instincts. The dog will see the crate as its den, and dogs always keep their space clean of urine and feces. 

Paper Training

The idea of this method is to teach your pup to relieve on paper or a pad inside the house. Once the puppy is consistent, you will begin to move the paper or pads closer to the door, and then finally outside.  Once your puppy learns to do its business outside, you can remove the papers or the pad, unless, you are toilet training indoors of course.

Constant Supervision

This approach is just what it says it is, constantly supervising your furry friend. You must be ready to respond, to take the pup outside when it shows signs of relieving itself.

The upside is that this is the cheapest method since it will only need your constant attention. The downside, you must certainly not allow any accident to happen inside the house, or you will suffer a setback in your training. This approach also needs more concentration, effort, and is time-consuming.