Crate Training

Dogs are naturally denning dwellers. In fact, dogs feel secure and safe in small, enclosed spaces. The crate is a perfect den place for them. Especially when used correctly and adequately, it is far from being cruel and offers many benefits to both the dog owner and the pup. 

  • Speeds up learning during housebreaking
  • Keeps the puppy safe during travel and at home
  • Gives your pup a place of its own
  • Provides a place for your dog when it needs quiet time
  • Prevents the formation of bad habits
  • Safeguards your belongings 

Please remember that this technique is a combination of confinement and supervision, NOT DEFINITE CONFINEMENT.

Using Your Puppy’s Natural Instincts

As mentioned earlier, dogs instinctively tend to keep their den clean since they associate it as their sleeping and resting place. Virtually, crate training is teaching your pup that the crate is its den, which taps into your furry buddy’s natural instinct to keep it clean.

There are also quite a few benefits to using crate training. Please, always keep in mind your puppy’s bladder and bowel control.

Provides More Opportunity for Praise

When you are TEMPORARILY busy, you can keep your pup inside the crate for a SHORT-PERIOD. The moment you take it out, immediately grab your puppy to its designated bathroom spot, it will be ready to go. 

It provides you more chances to reward and praise it for a proper poop habit. 

Prevents Pooping in the Wrong Places

The majority of poop and pee accidents occur when you are distracted and unable to watch and catch your pup when it is showing signs of wanting to go.

If you place your pup in a crate, it will try to hold it and wait for release time.

Please remember that you must correctly apply supervision techniques during this process.

Teaches Bowel and Bladder Control

When a pup is very young, it will just leak. The puppy can’t help it, and it won’t know it`s coming since it has no body control during this period.

As the pup grows, it will be able to hold it for short periods, but because it has uncontrollable leaking, it eventually poops and pees no matter when and where.

When you teach your pup that the crate is its den, it will try to hold it in to keep its place clean. Your puppy will learn that it does not have to go right away and keep it.

When you teach your pup this method correctly, it can speed up the housebreaking.