Easy Cool Tricks Part 2


Your dog will love this trick.

  • Get your buddy to “drop” and lie down on its side.
  • Hold the treat near the side of its mouth.
  • As your dog turns its head towards it, move the treat further away from your dog so that it will complete a rollover on its back.
  • When your dog completes a roll, praise, and reward with the treat. 


What could be cuter than a dog sitting on its hind legs with the front paws up?

  • Command your dog in the stay or sit position.
  • Hold the treat just above its nose so that it has to look up to the treat.
  • As your dog reaches with its mouth, raise the treat higher until your dog is sitting on its hind legs with its front paws off the ground.
  • Reinforce this action by saying the command “beg.” Quickly reward your dog with the treat.
  • Repeat until your dog masters the trick. 

Note: If your pooch jumps before begging, pull the treat away and say “no.” Reset with stay or sit. Try again.

Wacky Walk

This impressive trick involves your four-legged friend weaving in and out of your legs as you walk. It may take some time to learn so be patient.  

  • Start with your buddy sitting or standing on your left side.
  • With your right foot, take a step forward. Hold the treat behind your right leg and encourage your pooch to move between your legs. Praise it and reward it with the treat.
  • Once your buddy gets comfortable walking between your legs in one direction, say the command “wacky walk.” as your dog does.
  • As your pooch moves between your legs, offer another treat to make it walk in front of your body.
  • With your left foot, step in an exaggerated walk and say “wacky walk.”
  • Encourage your dog to walk between your legs the other way.
  • Continue to reward with a treat until your dog learns the “wacky walk.”

Cross the Road

Dogs lack common sense when it comes to crossing a road. Here’s a trick that will teach your dog how to cross the road safely.

  • Put your dog on the leash. Walk it to the edge of the footpath, facing the traffic.
  • If your dog barks at cars or pulls away, tug it back and reprimand it.

  • Before you cross the road, command it to “sit.”
  • Pause until the road is clear.
  • Say the command “walk” and cross the road.
  • If your dog crosses the road ahead of you, pull it back to your side saying “heel.”
  • When your dog crosses the road correctly, praise and reward it with a treat. 


Dogs just love to jump. It’s in their nature. Harness that love for jumping into a trick.

  • Put your dog on a collar and leash.
  • Find a log or a low wall for your pooch to jump over.
  • Command it to sit.
  • Step over to the other side and say “over”.
  • Gently tug on the leash.
  • Reward your dog when it gets over the obstacle.
  • Repeat until your dog learns the trick with a command only and without you to lead.
  • Praise and reward as your dog master the trick.