Puppy vs. Adult

Of course, there are positively several advantages of raising a dog from a pup. If you know how to train it, then you can mold your companion’s temperament and behavior to suit you and your lifestyle. 

When you have a doubt about your training capability, then an adolescent dog with an obedience title or one who passed one or more obedience tests is a more suitable friend. 

When the dog is two years old, its manners, habits, and temperament are, for better or for worst, well established. However, traits and habits may alter over time, though not as flexible as that of a young dog. 

Nevertheless, you can always consider rescue centers or shelter dogs and choose the one with the personality you like. Adopting from a rescue organization or shelter can be an excellent alternative.  Some of these canines are well-behaved, needing only a home. Others have few character problems and only require remedial education. 

A dog from an animal shelter or a rescue center is also a good choice for people who work and those who do not have the time to raise and train a puppy. 

Otherwise, if set on raising your pup, educate yourself properly about dog training. 

Please do not add to the number of shelter and rescue dogs by being irresponsible canine owners. 

Temperamental and behavioral problems in dogs, even the most common ones, are easily preventable with the proper training. Annoying habits often happen when an owner does not know how to educate a dog properly.

Shopping List: Things You Need Before Getting a Puppy/Dog

Getting a puppy or a dog is similar to rearing children. Your four-legged best friend will need the following essentials. You must have these essential items ready before you take your furry buddy home.

  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Chew toy
  • Water bowl
  • Food bowl
  • Cleaning agents
  • A playpen, x-pen or a baby gate