Eliminate Bad Behaviors Part 1

It does not matter how much we love our furry buddies; nature can always get the best of them. It is essential that we train them to curb their unsightly behavior and teach them good canine manners.


Dogs like to dig and they will when they have the opportunity.

Don’t Leave Your Buddy Outside

Without supervision, your dog is going to find ways to entertain itself.  It means digging all over the yard. Only allow your buddy to go outside when you are there watching it.

Playtime and Exercise

Boredom will strike when your pooch doesn’t get adequate activities. Burn off your dog’s energy by:

  • Taking it for a long walk
  • Playing games, such as tug-of-war or fetch
  • Doing several training sessions daily
  • Taking it to a dog park
  • Getting it involved in dog sports

Don’t Allow Toys Outside

Dogs, by nature, are compelled to bury their possessions. Only bring toys if you’re going to engage them with your pooch and if you are there to supervise

Give Your Buddy a Spot for Digging

Buy your pooch a sandbox. Bury your dog’s favorite toys in it and watch it have fun digging them out. You can also assign an area in your yard as a digging spot. If your dog digs outside the area, tell it “no” and then redirect to the correct place. Don’t forget to praise your dog when it is digging in the right area.

Enroll Your Pooch in a Dog Sport

Dog sports will provide your pooch an outlet for its natural inclination to dig. It’s also an excellent way to burn off mental and physical energy.

Watch the Temperature

Dogs will dig a hole in a cold spot when the weather is warm. During warmer days, be sure to provide it with a shady area in the yard, and don’t leave your dog outside for extended periods.


Dogs chew when they are teething, are bored, have excess energy, are anxious, or when they are curious (especially puppies).

Provide Your Pooch with Plenty of Chew Toys

When you catch your dog chewing things it shouldn’t, quickly correct the behavior by making a sharp noise. Immediately replace such items with a chew toy. Don’t forget to give your dog sufficient playtime and exercise to burn off energy and boredom


This behavior is a bad habit, which, unfortunately, most dog parents tolerate or encourage.

Never Give Food at the Table

Your pooch won’t learn to beg if you don’t teach it in the first place. You can teach your dog to go to its spot while you eat or take it to another room. If your dog behaves, then give it a treat only after you finished eating.

Not Coming When Called

We all know this behavior. Your dog pretends to be deaf when clearly, it heard you calling.

Always Praise When Your Dog Comes

In this manner, your dog will learn that it’s good to come to you.

Don’t Chase

When your pooch doesn’t come, call for it while moving away. If your dog still doesn’t come, tell it to sit and go to it.

Run Away

Running away from your dog may make it come after you.

Say “Here” or “Come.”

Your dog may not understand that you want it to come when you call its name. If you know how to whistle, train your dog to come to you when you whistle. Don’t forget to praise and reward.