Some Confinement Is Necessary

Like all training methods, you will need to confine your pup when you become preoccupied. Use the paper method as a supplementary approach. The pen or a small room will serve your pups confinement at night.


This training builds a strong bond between you and your fur baby. However, the drawback of this approach is having your dog attached to you all the time, which can be tiring.

If you have chosen to use this method, you can use it together with crate training to get most of the benefits of the two approaches. Another option is to use it jointly with an exercise pen or papered room.

Is Umbilical Cord Training for You?

Like constant supervision, this method is best for people who work at home or have time on their hands. However, you can use this method together with other methods.

This technique is not suitable for large dogs.


  • Do not leave your puppy unsupervised. A 2-3 minute without supervision can end up in accidents.
  • Do not let your pup wander with its leash dragging behind because it can snag on things.
  • A collar and leash are choking hazards. If you are not on the other end or unable to watch your pup very carefully, the leash must come off.
  • Use a breakaway, quick release collar as a safety precaution.
  • If you must tether your dog to something, be sure it’s something secure and heavy, one that will not topple or fall on your pup.
  • Every family member is suggested to take turns and take part. It will not only bond the pup to the whole family, but it will also divide time to cover the hours of the day.