Preparing the Crate

You should not place any water or food inside the crate because if your pup drinks and eats, the need to eliminate will follow.

Where and how small or large the container should be for your pup should also be considered. 

The Size of Your Pup’s Crate

It should not be too large since this may allow your puppy to use one part as the sleeping area and the other area as a toilet. It should be just large enough to allow your pup to lie on its side with the legs comfortably stretched out so that it can quickly turn around and stand up straight. The crate should not be cramped.

Crate Location

Place your pup’s crate in the room where your family spends most of your time together, like the kitchen or the living room. You can even move and transfer the crate to any room in the house where you and your family will spend time together.

Never use the crate as a punishment.

Do not place the crate away from the places where you usually stay. If you do this, it will make your furry buddy feel isolated and unwanted. Dogs always want to be close with their pack. Since you are now its family, it now belongs to your pack.  

Introducing the Crate to Your Pup

It is important that your new friend thinks of the crate as its comfort zone. The crate must be its place of enjoyment and security.

  • Occasionally put small pieces of dog biscuits or kibble in the crate throughout the day. The edible treasures will reinforce a positive association. You should also feed it in the crate. If your pup hesitates, you can start by feeding your puppy in front of it, then just right inside the doorway, and finally inside the crate.  
  • Pet and praise your pup when it enters the crate. You should not force the puppy into it by pushing or pulling. It is important that at this stage you only use inventive methods. Lure your pup into it using a treat, and then give another treat once it has successfully entered. Leave the door open. Repeat this process several times a day. 

You can make it an enjoyable and educational game.

  • Drop a small dog biscuit in the crate without alerting your pup.
  • Call to it and ask, “Where is the treat?” while directing the dog to the crate and using an encouraging and friendly voice.
  • Praise the pup lavishly when it discovers the treat. The treat is automatically the reward.
  • Allow your puppy to leave the crate freely at all times during the game.
  • You can later substitute the treat with a toy or a ball.