Your Breed

There is more than just the type or breed preference when selecting a puppy. Naturally, the dog must suit your lifestyle and personality. But there are other things to consider as well.

The “Perfect Breed”

THERE IS NO SUCH THING. If you want a marvelous furry companion, then you must properly train and socialize your pup. Regardless of the breed or type, a dog will grow up with delinquent behavior when you do not raise it correctly.

Seek Guidance

Contrary to popular belief, pet store personnel, breeders, and veterinarians are not good sources of advice concerning dog behavior and training.  The best training advice comes from trainers. The best dog behavior information comes from behavior counselors.

If you want the hard, cold facts about puppies, go and check out a local puppy class. Talk with the owners. They will lay down the truth about life with a dog.

I would again recommend the site Good Paws.

Keep in mind:

  • Veterinarians  – health advice
  • Breeders – breed advice
  • Pet-store  personnel –  product advice

Seek Several Sources and Evaluate Every Advice Carefully

When seeking help, apply the principle of common sense, is it relevant? Does the information make sense? Remember that the choice of selecting a lifetime furry companion is yours. However, your choice must be an educated and well-informed one.

Regardless of the pedigree, cuteness, conformation, size, and general health, the ultimate success will entirely depend on the puppy’s education regarding training and appropriate behavior.

  • As long as a large dog gets regularly walked, it can live in an apartment. They bark less and settle down better.
  • When trained to shush and settle down, small dogs make excellent apartment buddies.
  • If the dog gets trained how to behave around children and the children are taught how to behave around dogs, any breed is good with children.